Energomontazh is the leading company in the field of implementation of projects for the construction of new and renovation of existing railway contact systems, including the organization of high-speed passenger train traffic in Russia. It has been a part of the 1520 Group of Companies since 2018.

Energomontazh has been in the market since 1998. The company owns a large fleet of special-purpose railway equipment of about 200 units, highly qualified and certified personnel including over 1,500 people, who have many years of experience in contact systems, its own metal structures production facilities as well as modern repair facilities, all these being the key to success.

The first project for the company was the renovation of the St. Petersburg - Moscow line contact system to increase the speeds of passenger trains up to 200km/h with a direct current KS-200 suspension device; the system differs from the existing contact systems in Russia in technical parameters, significant structural features, increased requirements for accuracy and quality of work. Considering the experience of designing, installation, and operation of the KS-200 in the mid-2000s, a modernized KS-200-06K contact suspension with improved technical characteristics was installed over a long section of the Oktyabrskaya Railway. Currently, Energomontazh is carrying out the construction and installation works on the Oktyabrskaya railway, with the introduction of the new- (third-)generation KS-200 and KS-250 for trains with a speed of 250km/h.

For the first time in Russia, Energomontazh introduced the production technology of wire rolling with a given tension. Mastering the rolling complex with the equipment manufactured by Tesmec allowed us to fundamentally change production technology and attain new technical parameters. Thanks to the efficient operation of Energomontazh, the Sapsan trains connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg were able to travel at a speed of 100km/h in 2009, and in 2010, the Allegro high-speed train connected St. Petersburg with Helsinki, the capital of Finland.


Energomontazh was built and renovated thousands of kilometers of contact railways. The company's mobile stations operate simultaneously on several railways located in different regions of the country. The company is especially proud of facilities that are of strategic importance for Russia. These include among other: "Renovation of contact systems of the North Caucasus, Railway for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi", "Complete overhaul of the Mga - Gatchina - Weimarn - Ivangorod section and railway approaches to ports on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland", "Construction of the Prokhorovka - Zhuravka - Chertkovo - Bataysk railway line, a double-track electrified railway on the Zhuravka - Millerovo section" - a bypass of Ukraine.

The main activities of the company include the following:

•    Full range of construction, installation and commissioning works on the contact systems, overhead and cable lines, low-voltage networks, and outdoor lighting during electrification of railways, renovation, (technical) re-equipment, modernization, and overhaul of power supply facilities.

•    Production of metal structures as well as nodes for contact systems and overhead lines.

•    Designing contact systems, developing process and design documentation.

•    Repair and maintenance of specialized rolling stock.